This assignment has been created during the admission procedure for the master programme of Interaction Design at Umeå Institute of Design (UID). Talking about personal reflection of on the responsibility and consequences of design under current global crisis. Time: 03/2020

As designers, we need to see our role as a part engaging in this global change. It requires new responsibility to think more systematically, from solving the current issues to help develop the future society.

The quality of air in Beijing highly depends on the wind condition. The goal of this project was to invite individuals to think about the impacts they have on the environment.

Air pollution in Beijing

Air pollution has grown to become a boiling issue in China and poses a severe threat to public health. Based on my observation, the smog prevalent in Beijing is subjected to an interesting phenomenon — it very often undergoes sharp changes over short amounts of time.

It is a well established fact that air pollution problems need a long time to be completely solved. …

It is time to consider how our food consumption plays a role in our fight against climate change. The goal of this project was to explore the possibilities of new forms and ways of eating a vegetarian diet in a future meatless era.

Project has been published in Student Concept iF Design Guide

Changing to sustainable diet is a global issue

As the international community prepares to move forward with the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and closing the emission gap, it is high time for individuals and the whole society to take actions in reducing the adverse impacts of food consumptions.

Therefore, the future of food…

In this 2 weeks sound design course, we explored how to enhance an interactive experience through generating sound while painting.

Teammate: Yilin Lyu, Jovan Vulic, Mina Rostami

Introducing “Beep”

“Beep” introduces a new way of expression through art, emphasising the dimensions of sound during painting by combining the virtual and physical experience.

While in the process of painting, “Beep” recognizes the strokes of the brush and colour of choice, and translates them into tangible sounds.

What is form and form-giving in Interaction Design? In this one week long workshop I explored the various forms of light in the particular scenario of waking up people in the morning.

Exploration question

When I asked people what kind of devices they use for waking up in the morning, 4 out of 6 people answered they use the digital alarm application in their mobile phones. Apparently, sound-based alarm is used by majority of the people to wake themselves out of sleep, and this has been employed for a long time to bring ourselves into wakefulness. …

The goal of this project is to create a non-visual way to help blind students enhance their social skills and be more confident in their future social activities.

Project has been published in Student Concept iF Design Guide

All videos and photos were published with the permission from participants. Some pictures are processed to be blurred to protect personal privacy.

Young blind people in China facing social isolation

As the world’s most populated nation, China is home to around 1.4 million young blind people under the age of 30. The living situation of the youth population who are blind is even more serious than older age groups. …

The goal of this 5 week long project was to explore the audio-video interactive experience that enables people to bring the best of themselves in remote work.

Teammate: Alexander Widua, Linda Kraft, Romy Koppert
Skills highlight: User stories, Remote co-creation workshop, Experience video

Introducing “Human Magic”

In the year 2020, we have seen a rapid increase of remote work due to the global pandemic. Have you ever experienced attending 2 hour long Zoom meeting in front of computer screens sitting at home? If yes, then you definitely know how the experience is like.

So what is missing in a digital workspace…

that makes…

Ruoyun Wang

Interaction designer

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